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    Case sealing machine (word sealing)

    • Function:Automatically fold the cover and seal the box with adhesive tape
    • Specifications:﹤L600*W500*H500mm
    • Belt width:W48、60、75mm alternative
    • Production speed:20 m/min
    +86 16676686672
    1. Detailed information

    Automatic one-word sealing machine, suitable for automatic folding and sealing tape of all kinds of cartons.

    The sealing machine is generally used together with the unpacking machine and packing machine, rarely used alone.

    Product Features:

    1. Fully automatic baling machines of different brands can be used

    2. Manually adjust width and height when changing specifications

    3. The transmission mode is driven by lengthening belts on the lower side

    4, supporting the automatic baling machine operation, automatically fold the cover, the upper and lower "one" seal packing completed

    5. The machine includes automatic positioning control function

    Technical parameters:

    Carton specifications: L250-600 W150-500 H120-500

    Belt speed: 20 m/min

    Applicable tape: W48, 60, 75mm optional

    Power supply: 220 v50hz

    Power: 0.4 KW

    Pneumatic: 6 kg/cm2

    Gas consumption: 40NL/min

    Machine size: L2010 mm ×W940 mm ×H1900 mm

    Machine weight: 180KG

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