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  1. Mask three-sided bag sealing machine
  2. Mask three-sided bag sealing machine

Mask three-sided bag sealing machine

  • Function:Automatic bagging
  • Film width:≤250MM
  • Bag length:90-220MM
  • Bag width:30-110MM
  • Applicable industries:Medical supplies
  • Production speed:40-200 packets per minute
+86 16676686672
  1. Detailed information

Mask three-sided bag sealing machine, suitable for all kinds of disposable masks, medical masks and other items of the film bag packaging.


The machine parameters

Power: 220 v

Power: 2.6 KW

Packing speed: 40-200 packs/min

Film width: maximum 250MM

Bag-making length: 90-220mm

Bag making width: 30-110mm

Machine weight: 400KG

Machine size: 3770*680*1450MM

Connected with automatic packing machine, automatic bagging and packing can be realized

Mask packing machine

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